Why Do Rehab Professionals Choose Travel Careers?

Travel therapy jobs have now become a favorite career choice of rehabilitation professionals. The most important reason why rehab professionals choose travel careers is that the job is well paid, offers an excellent opportunity to explore new locations, and work in a wide variety of healthcare settings.

Traveling Physical Therapy Jobs: A Favorite Career Option

Physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists prefer travel careers primarily due to the following reasons:

Professional opportunities: These professionals get an opportunity to work in new and even challenging environments. Travel jobs allow them to come into contact with experts from other disciplines as well as people from all walks of life. This helps them enhance their knowledge and skills, gain experience and build a strong base for a flourishing rehab therapy career.

Chance to update knowledge: Rehabilitation therapy travel jobs offer rehabilitation professionals the chance to work in medical facilities equipped with advanced medical technology as well as in small and medium-sized establishments. This allows them to update their knowledge, and get acquainted with the latest treatment procedures and equipment.

Excellent remuneration and comprehensive benefit package: Rehab therapy travel assignments in well-known facilities ensure professionals of excellent pay and other benefits. Traveling physical therapy jobs usually come with a good hourly wage and have all expenses covered including air travel, rental transport, hotel rooms and meals. Benefits include:

• 401k benefits
• Professional liability insurance
• Section 125 cafeteria plan
• Continuing education programs
• Short-term disability insurance
• Health care insurance
• Additional state license
• Cancer insurance
• Completion bonuses
• Travel allowances

Chance to explore favorite locations: A traveling therapy job is a great way to visit and explore exciting locations. Healthcare professionals in travel jobs can choose the location they want to work in.

Option to choose a convenient work schedule: Unlike permanent job assignments, travel rehab jobs provide rehab professionals the chance to work in convenient time schedules. They can also opt to work throughout the year or take some time off between assignments.

Credentials for Travel Rehab Jobs

Exciting travel job assignments exist for certified professionals in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology in leading hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing clinics, acute care centers, home healthcare agencies, educational institutions, government organizations and many other facilities across the United States.

To secure a travel assignment, rehabilitation job aspirants should possess a master’s degree in the concerned discipline and have passed the national licensure examination.

Professional Help to Build a Travel Rehab Career

Rehabilitation job seekers meeting the eligibility criteria can avail of the services of experienced rehabilitation staffing companies to obtain travel therapy assignments in places of their choice. These recruiting firms offer comprehensive assistance to help rehab professionals choose travel careers that can fulfill their goals.

Enrolling with a reputable rehab staffing company allows job aspirants to access its frequently updated jobs database, and look for suitable opportunities. These firms also offer online resume submission facilities that to help job seekers submit applications.

Student Travel – Travel on the Cheap

One of the good things about being a student is having the flexibility to travel. Numerous students make one of the most of their college or school breaks to do some student travel. Though some will embark on road trips, others will head across the border or travel overseas. One of the excellent issues about student travel is that you will discover so a lot of travel choices obtainable. You’ll be able to find some sort of trip to suit any set of interests, and fortunately any spending budget.

Most students is going to be on a limited spending budget, so they will probably be searching for discount or cheap holidays. This is exactly where your age and student status can come in handy. If you’ve a student card for your college or school, see if it entitles you to any specific positive aspects. Some student cards will give students discount rates on public transport, although others will permit students to get special deals at restaurants as well as on accommodation. You’ll find also several travel agencies who will work with students to arrange cheap travel deals. Several of these specialize in student travel, and provide substantially discounted rates for students.

One thing about student travel is that numerous students will usually travel during their vacation time. This obviously tends being peak travel time and is usually very high priced. If it is possible to, see whether or not you’ll be able to schedule your holiday for an off-peak time. This can save you rather a bit of money. Failing this, attempt to book your trip far in advance, as tickets will usually be cheaper. At all costs avoid purchasing last minute flights or fares. These may be really high-priced, and you’ll come across that your spending budget will have diminished substantially.

Quite a few students like to travel to cheaper destinations. Although this sounds limiting, it is basically the opposite. Several in the cheaper spots to travel are in fact the least overrun by tourists. They’re typically developing countries that haven’t been turned into tourist traps. In addition, as students are far more likely to travel about the cheap and to seek out interesting experiences, these is usually fantastic locations to visit. Make certain which you make one of the most of a given destination. Attempt new issues that you simply wouldn’t otherwise attempt, and make an effort to truly experience a brand new country as well as a brand new city.

An additional sort of travel that students can take advantage of is exchange or study abroad programs. These are programs exactly where students, generally college students, study and live overseas. These is usually an excellent opportunity not only for study, but also for seeing the world and meeting new folks. Talk with your course adviser to see whether or not your institution offers study abroad or exchange programs. Numerous of these programs will also contribute to your graduation points, so they could be valuable in lots of methods. Studying overseas can also be cheaper than studying at a local institution. It is a very good idea to make probably the most of these opportunities although you still can. If you’re interested in student travel, traveling as a student could be an excellent selection.

ExCeL London

ExCeL London, which is an abbreviation for Exhibition Centre London was built by Sir Robert McAlpine and opened in November 2000. Since its opening the centre has undergone a L165m expansion which now ensures it is one of the largest exhibitions and conference centre in the United Kingdom.

Its location is the very desirable London Docklands with excellent transport links. The site lays very close, just 5 minutes, from the International London City Airport and just 10 minutes from the world famous business district of London Canary Wharf, in the heart of London Royal Docks. As well as the airport the location continues to be excellent for business travelers and visitors as on site has 3 DLR stations (Docklands Light Railway) and has extremely easy access to London Underground – the Jubilee Line is only 2 stops away on the DLR. In addition to this there is parking for over 3,700 cars.

There are 5 hotels on site ranging from the grand to budget all located just a couple of minutes from the venue. In addition to this there are numerous aparthotels situated within a 10 minute walk for the more “home from home” business traveler. As well as the on-site hotels and nearby aparthotels there are 100’s of well known hotels offering over 8000 rooms within a 15 minute walk. The hotels as well as being located close to the venue are also very close to some of Londons great attractions St Katherine Dock, Greenwich, The O2 and West India Quay.

The centre is also now pleased to home more than 30 bars on site which serve everything from cocktails to coffee. In addition to this there are numerous restaurants selling everything from Thai and Indian to the more traditional bar and grill.

Excel London has been host to a huge number of trade and consumer shows as well as private events. In particular the venue is well known for its exhibitions and conferences which include the World Travel Market, Carole Nash Motorcycle Show and the world famous London Boat Show. In April 2009 the centre was extremely proud to play host to the 2009 G20 London summit.

3 Best Options for International Air Travel

Air travel is any day less tiring and less time consuming than any other mode of travel. Primarily, when it comes to traveling to an altogether different country, there is no availability of any other mode of travel than an international airline. With the easy availability of numerous international airlines, the distance between two countries has shortened. If you are confused of which airline to choose for an international air travel, then read the write-up to know the best three airlines that can make your international travel worth a memory.

• Jet Airways
Jet airways is indeed one of the finest international airlines from India that can offer world class experience of travel. It bestows o the travelers a journey that is worth every penny spent by them. From courteous staff to comfortable flight, everything about Jet Airways is classy. International air travel in Jet Airways is truly a delight. Besides, the travel fares of this airline are quite nominal and an individual can easily afford it. Quality services and disciplined travel makes travel in Jet Airways a worthwhile experience.

• Kingfisher Airlines
An airline group based in India, Kingfisher Airlines offers an amazing experience of international air travel to the traveler. It offer unparalleled travel experience that any other airline cannot offer. This airline has been acknowledged with many prestigious awards including Business Leadership Award for Aviation by NDTV Profit, Brand Leadership Award, Avaya Award in 2006 by Economic Times for Excellence in customer responsiveness, and many more. Travel by a first-class international airline i.e. Kingfisher Airlines is actually worth spending money.

• Indian Airways
State owned airline of India, Indian Airways offers adequate services, excellent hospitality and is quite economical. Besides, it is easy to book ticket of Indian Airways. It is the fastest growing airline that is par excellence in terms of services, hospitality & prices. It is perhaps the most sought after airlines for travelers. Indian Airways is a brand that you can actually trust and dote upon at the time of international travel booking.

So, for connecting to the people inhabiting in other parts of the world, avail the luxurious traveling services of any of the above mentioned international airline. You can be rest assured of the high-end hospitality that all the three of them offer. Besides, the air fares of these three international airlines are priced nominally that a common man can afford.