Which Baby Travel Cot? – Pop Up Or Deluxe

Mothers often say that a travel cot has been the most useful piece of baby equipment they have purchased. What would I every do without it! One of the main reasons why mothers say this is because travel cots are so versatile. Not just a travel cot, many of them double as a playpen, perfect for that unexpected overnight stay at a friends or parents, excellent as a bedside cot to keep your baby near you for the first six months and I have seen them on the beach to keep baby safe and so they can’t eat the sand!

So which Baby Travel Cot should you choose for your needs:-

1) The largest size deluxe baby travel cots come complete with a bassinet. The bassinet can be removed when baby starts crawling and the mattress moved to the base. In this position it is suitable for babies up to 2yrs of age or until they can climb out.

Some of the deluxe versions come complete with nightlight, music and a vibrating mattress to soothe baby to sleep with a mobile of soft toys to keep baby amused. A changing table is also included in some models which slots securely on the top to change babies nappies. They are extremely easy to assemble and fold away in seconds into the provided carrybag. The full sized travel cots are the heaviest at around 10kg and are probably not ideal if you are going camping or taking baby on a holiday abroad.

2) The full sized Travel Cots are also available without the bassinet and other extras suitable for use from birth up to 2yrs or when your toddler climbs out. Without the bassinet they are slightly lighter than the deluxe version although still double as an excellent playpen, bedside cot for the parents or grandparents. Optional luxury mattresses are available if you are not happy with the one provided. It appears to be quite hard although baby doesn’t seem to notice and sleeps well on the standard mattress.

3) There is also a petite version with a bassinet which is an excellent alternative if space is a priority although this will only last your baby until he or she is approx. 3 months.

4) If you are going camping, on holiday abroad or just haven’t got the space to take a full sized travel cot with you, there are a number of smaller lightweight pop up or tent like cots available. These styles will usually only last your baby for a few months or until they start crawling. It really depends how active they become as I have read reports that an active baby can roll the pop up travel cot over unless it is fixed to the ground with pegs.

The pop up style travel cots are excellent for the younger baby and come complete with a mattress and some are very lightweight weighing in as little as 1kg.

Choose the one which suits your current needs and upgrade as your baby grows, don’t be caught out when that unexpected invite to a wedding or visit means you are not prepared. Your baby will very happy to travel with you and be secure in the cot of your choice.

Excel Tip – Are We There Yet? Are We There? Yet How Close To Your Goal Are You? Using Excel

This article will show you how a simple formula can calculate how far we are away from a goal. This can be applied in many situations and is sometimes referred to as percentage of target or forecast. The math in the formula is simple just divide the goal or target by the actual.

So, it doesn’t matter if it’s calculating how far you are away from your travel destination or near you are to your sales target, the formula is the same- to work out how far you are away from your goal?.

Let’s take some examples.

We have a list of regional sales areas, and their Target Sales and Actual Sales values to date. By simply dividing the actual sales by the target we calculate how individually the regional areas are doing against their individual targets then as a whole sales team together against their common goal of €852000.

Our data in an Excel work book as below”

Region – Target Sales – Actual Sales To Date – % From Goal

North – 150,000 – 125,000 – 83%

South – 325,000 – 120,000 – 37%

East – 127,000 – 29,000 – 23%

West – 250,000 – 56,000 – 22%

Total – 852,000 – 330,000 – =L9/K9

Target sales are in column K and Actual Sales to Date in Column L

The formula here shows the division of K9(Actual sales to to date) vs L9(Target Sales). We can see that regionally the North Region is nearest it’s goal with 83% of target met and furthest from their target only achieving 22% of their target to date is the West Region.

Here is a fun example… inspired by the small map in the back of the seat in front of you when travelling on an airplane. You know the one where it tells you altitude, ground speed, airspeed, time to destination and outside temperature (which is always scary!). I always try to gauge how much of the journey I have completed and how much is to go, always hoping if I am bored on the flight that I have travelled at least 50% of the journey.

So we can apply the same formula to work out how much of the journey we have completed. The goal of the journey is the total number of miles travelled the journey is and the actual being how many miles have been travelled at the point you are at.

We have travelled 2879 miles so far in this example… so this divided by the total number of miles to Newark gives us 90% of the distance travelled or 90% of our goal reached… not long until landing… tray tables stowed and seat backs up ladies and gentlemen!…

OK there we go, the same simple calculation to show how far we are away from a goal or sometimes knows as percentage of target or forecast, which can be applied in many situations.

Know When Traveling is Necessary Through Business Trip Budget Planners

Businesses need to reach their market wherever they are. It is therefore necessary that the managers of your business will travel to conduct business meeting and attend to clients requirements. However, some companies suffer financial issues due to traveling costs.

Thus, it is necessary that if you will require your manager or officers to travel, use a Business Trip Budget Planner to know how many people needs to travel and how you can manage your costs. You have to make sure that personnel travels are reasonable for the financial condition of your company.

Large companies require their people to travel and use due diligence in spending during those travels but then, you have to be on top of the ball game. Review the previous business trips undertaken by your managers and ensure that they spend reasonably using a Business Trip Budget Template.

Excel has a template for business trip budgeting which you can refer to. You can use your own business trips budget monitoring but this template from Excel will give you an idea of what you need to know and how you will ensure that your officers are only spending what is necessary.

Details necessary for the business trip budget template

o Cost of airfare tickets
o Cost of hotel room per night
o Food Expenses
o Car Rental
o Gas
o Entertainment
o Gifts
o Miscellaneous

Compute your budget based on the number of personnel traveling. If the agenda of the business trip can be taken cared of by one, do not send more. Some organizations prefer to send their representatives in teams but if one can do the job, then, only one should travel.

Additionally, some of the items in the business trip budget template may be avoided. One example is the car rental. If you can forgo hiring a car rental which at times can cost an arm and a leg, then train your officers to use a cab or the shuttle service of the hotel to go to their destination.

Another option for traveling managers is to conduct the meeting right in the business center of the hotel he is staying in. Thus, you can avoid spending for transportation and use the entertainment cost to pay for the meeting venue

Entertainment cost is necessary but you can control the cost as well.

For the gifts, if you are already entertaining the person you will meet, then you may forego giving gifts.

Defining the miscellaneous expenses in the template will help you manage business trip costs as well.

Finally, the business trip budget is the maximum that your officer should spend in a given business trip. He is never allowed to overspend and you have to make this clear with the person who is traveling.

Businesses needs to make money and while business trips are necessary; spending diligently is always a priority.

ExCeL London Centre – Much to See!

London is without a doubt one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the world to visit simply because of the diversity of the attractions found here and the old English charm for which the city is world renowned for. Travelers inquisitive enough to flip through the history books of London are in for a experience which will take them on a cultural journey of monumental proportions. The selection of museums that can be found in London is simply remarkable and will manage to educate the traveler on almost every aspect of cultural London and the city’s historic background. Firepower, The Royal Artillery Museum will no doubt be a fascinating find for the war movie fanatic as the facility houses a unique collection of arms both old and state-of-the-art. The Fulham Palace, the Handel House Museum and a number of other must visit sites are scattered around the city offering a wealth of knowledge for the traveler.

A remarkable accomplishment of architectural prowess, the ExCeL London Centre is one of the leading exhibition and convention facilities in London which is located in a central area of the city. Situated between the London City Airport and Canary Wharf, the ExCeL London Centre was officially opened in 2000. This venue is a preferred location where many of the top trade shows, exhibitions, product launches and a number of other corporate gatherings are held on a regular basis. The facility has a total capacity of accommodating approximately 50,000 visitors per day in 45 state of the art meeting rooms. The Platinum Suite, a luxurious conference suite offering its clients a variety of corporate conveniences can be highlighted a one of the unique features of this venue. Several great eateries are also on offer to the visitor at the ExCeL London Centre and is an attraction which is not to be missed.

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