ExCeL London Centre – Much to See!

London is without a doubt one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the world to visit simply because of the diversity of the attractions found here and the old English charm for which the city is world renowned for. Travelers inquisitive enough to flip through the history books of London are in for a experience which will take them on a cultural journey of monumental proportions. The selection of museums that can be found in London is simply remarkable and will manage to educate the traveler on almost every aspect of cultural London and the city’s historic background. Firepower, The Royal Artillery Museum will no doubt be a fascinating find for the war movie fanatic as the facility houses a unique collection of arms both old and state-of-the-art. The Fulham Palace, the Handel House Museum and a number of other must visit sites are scattered around the city offering a wealth of knowledge for the traveler.

A remarkable accomplishment of architectural prowess, the ExCeL London Centre is one of the leading exhibition and convention facilities in London which is located in a central area of the city. Situated between the London City Airport and Canary Wharf, the ExCeL London Centre was officially opened in 2000. This venue is a preferred location where many of the top trade shows, exhibitions, product launches and a number of other corporate gatherings are held on a regular basis. The facility has a total capacity of accommodating approximately 50,000 visitors per day in 45 state of the art meeting rooms. The Platinum Suite, a luxurious conference suite offering its clients a variety of corporate conveniences can be highlighted a one of the unique features of this venue. Several great eateries are also on offer to the visitor at the ExCeL London Centre and is an attraction which is not to be missed.

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