Which Baby Travel Cot? – Pop Up Or Deluxe

Mothers often say that a travel cot has been the most useful piece of baby equipment they have purchased. What would I every do without it! One of the main reasons why mothers say this is because travel cots are so versatile. Not just a travel cot, many of them double as a playpen, perfect for that unexpected overnight stay at a friends or parents, excellent as a bedside cot to keep your baby near you for the first six months and I have seen them on the beach to keep baby safe and so they can’t eat the sand!

So which Baby Travel Cot should you choose for your needs:-

1) The largest size deluxe baby travel cots come complete with a bassinet. The bassinet can be removed when baby starts crawling and the mattress moved to the base. In this position it is suitable for babies up to 2yrs of age or until they can climb out.

Some of the deluxe versions come complete with nightlight, music and a vibrating mattress to soothe baby to sleep with a mobile of soft toys to keep baby amused. A changing table is also included in some models which slots securely on the top to change babies nappies. They are extremely easy to assemble and fold away in seconds into the provided carrybag. The full sized travel cots are the heaviest at around 10kg and are probably not ideal if you are going camping or taking baby on a holiday abroad.

2) The full sized Travel Cots are also available without the bassinet and other extras suitable for use from birth up to 2yrs or when your toddler climbs out. Without the bassinet they are slightly lighter than the deluxe version although still double as an excellent playpen, bedside cot for the parents or grandparents. Optional luxury mattresses are available if you are not happy with the one provided. It appears to be quite hard although baby doesn’t seem to notice and sleeps well on the standard mattress.

3) There is also a petite version with a bassinet which is an excellent alternative if space is a priority although this will only last your baby until he or she is approx. 3 months.

4) If you are going camping, on holiday abroad or just haven’t got the space to take a full sized travel cot with you, there are a number of smaller lightweight pop up or tent like cots available. These styles will usually only last your baby for a few months or until they start crawling. It really depends how active they become as I have read reports that an active baby can roll the pop up travel cot over unless it is fixed to the ground with pegs.

The pop up style travel cots are excellent for the younger baby and come complete with a mattress and some are very lightweight weighing in as little as 1kg.

Choose the one which suits your current needs and upgrade as your baby grows, don’t be caught out when that unexpected invite to a wedding or visit means you are not prepared. Your baby will very happy to travel with you and be secure in the cot of your choice.